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The Bartlett UCL, 2021.

A local archival display for objects with embedded memory that would otherwise be discard.


The Bartlett UCL, 2022

A community centre for climate migration resources.

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University of Sydney, 2018.

An interrogation of the tension-release equilibrium within Sydney CBD.


John H Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Toronto.

Good ideas come from changes in p(l)ace. 


Balmain Boatbuilding School, 2017.

What if I told you learning to sail and dog parks could be synonymous?

133 Darlington Road, 2017

Let's talk about louvres and internal courtyards.

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3. IMAGE_Exterior_SophiePeterson.jpg

The University of Sydney, 2021.

Alterations and additions to a Victorian townhouse in the Inner West.

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