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U18 - Booklet for Exhibition Mockup.jpg

Bartlett Summer Showcase Booklet


PG18 is a an architectural study unit run by Isaie Bloch and Ricardo De Ostos within the Bartlett School of Architecture. Every year, students of the unit present their work at the Bartlett Summer Showcase. This booklet was created as a guide to the projects created by the 2021-22 cohort.

U18 - Booklet for Exhibition Mockup 2.jpg

Content Management

A content management system was set up to manage tens of high resolution images and copy to be organised into the booklet which would be the core description for projects exhibited.

U18 - Booklet for Exhibition Mockup_Zoom 1.png


The design used the ethos of Unit 18: connecting people and culture with planet. Controlled curves, earthy tones and clear, bold type was used for easy reading and clean visual identity.

U18 - Booklet for Exhibition Mockup 2.png


The booklet was published at A5 is is on exhibition in the Bartlett Summer Showcase between July 2nd and 16th 2022.

U18 - Booklet for Exhibition Mockup.jpg
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