To be two; in between


It’s Wednesday.

Or Thursday.


I can’t really be sure.


But it could be any day of the week

Because finally I feel like home.


Suddenly you find something,

After so many years of seeking.


You’re crying,

But it doesn’t hurt.


It feels like relief.

Like crashing onto your bed after a long trip abroad,

Or hearing a song for the first time which surely can’t be the first time,

Or the cool breeze which wakes you up in the middle of the night.


It all suddenly feels,

Like everything is just,




Is a sprawling network of possible futures.


Ones which no longer scares you,

But makes every day worth exploring.



The potential futures you’ve spent three years writing about,

Become the basis for everything good in your life,

Instead of the burden.

Burdens and blessings are not mutually exclusive.