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a l i c e 

 s t r e e t

   t e r r a c e

The humble Victorian terrace house offers a plentitude of opportunities among the many challenges of a housing typology inherited from an entirely different continent.

101 Alice Street is just that (for the time being, at least). But through simple considerations for sunlight accessibility, seasonal breezes and circulation flow, there's an almost endless supply of cosy nooks to sprawl out with a good book on a crisp summer's day.

This project encompasses an almost full circle insight into the architectural design process;  from conception to DA standard execution. Throughout this process, a our inherent need for connectivity to the outdoors, flexibility of use and simple yet beautiful living maintains its integrity throughout.

If you've ever lived or been in one of Sydney iconic terrace houses, then perhaps this may resonate;

i n s i d e

Current dynamic of the traditional Victorian terrace house.

o u t s i d e

i n s i d e

Alice Street Terrace simply rearranges this notion for the modern inner city family. 

i n   s i d e  out

conceptual basis

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DA Architectural Drawings

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