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When we slow down the speed of our fast tracked lives to contemplate the scenes of our day, we go from ‘being there’ to ‘there, being’ - withdrawn and considering the value of the players of the scene. By withdrawing from the ‘now’, we are present in ourselves by being absent.

Dasein focuses on this contemplative withdrawal to focus on how we often fill strangers and objects with own memories and stories that they unexpectedly remind us of. In this manner, people and things become vessels to uncover once lost memories, only unburied by the small quirks that they reveal to the world through a split second frame; the way a hidden woman crosses her arms as she walks against an abandoned backdrop, the light reflecting off a man floating carelessly in the sea, half deflated balloons blowing in the wind on a late Sunday afternoon. This split second moment is captured by the rawness of the images, unedited, with fingers over the lens – a reflection of the urgency to capture that moment.

By crossing these split second frames of recollection with shadows cast by printing plates of objects that have personally had the same ability to bring back once lost memories, the series focuses on the interconnectedness of strangers and objects through the memories we fill them with, ultimately revealing our shared humanity.





some how.

to be some where,

what can we see in others which is also our own?

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 5.27.38 pm.png
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