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 I  N

'Being-there', 'there-being'

The literal German translation of dasein is ‘being-there/there-being’.


It is the essence of a weekend away in Hamburg.


It’s sitting on the train listening to a language I hardly understand.


It’s the smell of bratwurst and the loud echoes of a man singing in the Old Elbe Tunnel.


It’s rain through my hair and a favourite old album in my ears.


It’s going one station too far and finding a different, probably better, way back.

It's the unexpected joy of a concert hall which reminds you of why you are doing what you're doing.

It's a kind German man politely waiting for you to pass instead of pushing past you.


It’s sitting down over wine with people who you love and one's you've just met and suddenly realising it’s 1am.


It’s laying in until midday to read a book.

It’s everything I needed after a week in my head.


Above the air, and back inside my body. Finally, so far away from home; more grounded than ever.

February 24

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