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h-y-        dro-kin-  e-     sis


[hy-dro-kin-e -sis]; connected with or using the power of water through the perception of body movements.

In its most primitive form, sailing and the use of boats focuses on how energy moves from the body, through the paddle to create momentum.

Hydrokinesis focuses on this flow of energy through its fluid form by mapping the points of equilibrium between the body and the paddle which are reiterated, just as the movement of rowing is repeated innumerably.

Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 9.23.21 am.png

The terraced form brings this idea of repetition and momentum to life, whilst also complimenting the existing parklands with its seamless planted roofs and hidden boat launch to preserve the existing flow of pedestrian traffic along the harbour.

In doing so, the sailing school becomes a testament to the interaction between people, the sailing of boats and the forces of nature which was once lost to the written and remembered history of Mort Bay’s buried dry dock.

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