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At the core of this work is the overarching feeling of detachment from place due to its temporary nature, despite its inherent permanent physicality. Here arises the idea that as humans, we begin to fall into the habit of making homes out of people and their presences so we have something to hold onto when we must let go of places of comfort and familiarity.

Embedded in the drawings is the progression of how we grow to love a place, whereby presences fill the scenes, then emerge as shapes in our minds which we hold within us as memories.

Personally, the shapes captured through the iterations of the drawings are a way of perceiving these memories and keeping the temporary nature of moments external to the mind. In that manner, this is an ideal way to ‘photograph’ the world in a way that can evoke memories that only the individual can decode and make meaning of.

For me, this is a mechanism of coping with the constant, bittersweet loss of people and place.

These memories are physical, permanent and personal apertures which capture the fleeting importance of presence and place.

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