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To be entangled in something larger than oneself.













Have you ever thought about how every action is intrinsically linked to another action, and so on? How we all make tiny choices which impact those around us, who then make decisions which impact those around them? Eventually we’re all just living in a web of coincidences which are so far from inconsequential it’s barely fathomable.

What series of events had to occur for you to meet your bestfriend? For you to move to a new country? For you to have a favourite coffee order or a particular way of making your favourite dish? How much of who we are is inherited from the actions of others?


Behind it all is motive. Either consciously or subconsciously, we look to others to seek what we want in ourselves. Then someone, somewhere, looks to us in the same way. A domino effect ensues.


We look to others, and they look the other way, looking to another and emulating them. It’s endless and unfathomable and so deeply human.


With this realisation comes a feeling of sonder; that each one of us has our own lives, with its secrets, it’s good decisions, it’s mediocre decisions, it’s mistakes, it’s regrets and it’s desires. Each one of us carries it with us and we have no idea what that might look like from person to person.


But if you sit in a field for long enough, and withdraw from the conversation with your friend just long enough, you might feel it too - that we are all entangled in this domino effect, yet we’re barely conscious enough to understand that we are all a part of something so much bigger than ourselves.


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