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Transparent Peanut Butter encourages its viewer to redefine the concept of object in relation to process and really question what an object is, where it came from and how it was made.


The work takes the household item of peanut butter and breaks it down into the materials the packaging it composed of (print one), a question of how we think of the object (print two) and the ingredients which constitute the food item (print three).


Whilst ultimately playful in nature, the first and third prints breakdown the percentage composition of each material into a two dimensional representation, almost like a pie chart, in order to ask the viewer; what am I really looking at?


Through the choice of a contrasting colour palette, use of typography and abstraction of form, this question underlies the meaning of the work in order to reveal all the forgotten processes which go into the creation of an object.


How much say do you really have in your choice of consumption?

Peanuts              85%

Sugar                  10%

Soybean Oil       3.75%

Molasses            1.25%

Salt                      0.5%

Terephthalic acid              51.00%

Oligomers                          20.00%

Benzoic acid                       1.00%

Oil                                        6.30%

Ethyleneglycol                   0.75%

Acetic aldehyde                 5.10%

Others                                 5.45%

Gases                                18.00%

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